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An Age Group Breakdown of Social Media Apps

When it comes to social media, each social media has a specific demographic that they target. It can be important to know this for marketing. Read inside!

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2020: What Has Happened on Twitter This Year?

Are you a big fan of Twitter? Then you'll like seeing a brief rundown of everything newsworthy that's happened on Twitter this year.

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5 Impressive Video Marketing Statistics for Brands and Influencers

Is video marketing really that popular? Take a peek into this overwhelming trend with these unbelievable video marketing statistics!

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5 Vital Tips for Effective Email Marketing Strategy

How is your email marketing strategy? It's the small, overlooked actions that can potentially make the biggest impact! See for yourself.

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Trends in Web Design to Look for in 2021

Planning your 2021 takeover and looking for some inspiration? Check out some of the latest trends in web design that you might want to consider.

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The Loudest Social Media Trends Right Now

Looking for what to center your social media content around? There are some seriously great social media trends that will point you in the right direction.

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