Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Social Media Marketers, Take Note! Do Better Visuals Get More Engagement?

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

It makes us dizzy to think that there are over three billion images shared on the internet daily.

This stat alone highlights how hard it is to bring attention to your brand. High-quality visuals are like the milk that makes bones strong. Without them, your brand can end up falling down a deep well.

Keep reading to learn about the impact of better visuals.

The True Power of Visual Content in Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are flooded with images, from Instagram photos to promotional images on Facebook. This tsunami of visual content is not a coincidence.

Brains love to eat up visual information faster than text. This is partly what makes them a powerful tool for marketers.

The best visuals can give us the feels. They can also tell stories and make a lasting impression.

The Quest for High-Quality Visuals

High-quality visuals have become the gold standard in social media marketing. Marketers know that low-resolution, poorly composed images can tarnish a brand's image. You can expect people to judge your brand by its cover.

Do you want to draw people in instead of scaring them off? Professional-looking visuals can express trustworthiness and quality. Those are the two key components of a successful marketing mix.

Better Visuals, Better Engagement?

The question at the heart of this discussion is whether better visuals mean more engagement. Marketers have long assumed that this is the case.

Most studies have supported this idea. Still, a recent study challenges the conventional wisdom.

Surprising Insights from the Study

The recently conducted study examined the engagement rates of social media posts across various platforms, comparing posts with professionally produced visuals to those with user-generated content. The results provide a fresh perspective.

Despite what many might expect, the study found that user-generated content can sometimes outperform professionally crafted images in terms of engagement. This is partly because user-generated content often features more authentic and relatable visuals.

This revelation brings to light the changing dynamics of social media marketing. Simply put, authenticity and connection with the audience are becoming increasingly important.

Practical Implications for Social Media Marketers

What do these findings mean for social media strategies? It's crucial to keep pace with the evolving landscape of social media.

You shouldn't rely solely on professional visuals. Instead, try to add user-generated content. This can reflect authenticity and tug on your target audience's heartstrings.

Are you wondering how to target your audience in the first place?
You should ensure you know their preferences. Learn what type of content they engage with the most.

Regardless of the source of your visuals, maintain consistency in branding and messaging. Doing this will give you a solid and recognizable identity.

Better Visuals Equal Better Engagement

With better visuals, you can catch people's attention like never before. That way, your brand can shine bright like a diamond!

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