Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Going Viral: How Many Views on TikTok Are Good?

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

If you're hoping to get found online, it's hard to beat the power and reach of TikTok. The social media platform boasts a whopping one billion monthly users, surpassing competitors like Twitter and Reddit.

Of course, once you've gotten started with the app, you might be wondering, "How many views on TikTok are good?"

Measuring success can be tricky on TikTok, but we've got you covered! Here's a quick breakdown to help you figure out where you stand.

How Many Views on TikTok Are Good for Business?

How many TikTok views should you shoot for if you're a small business?

The answer is "It depends!"

The ideal number of views will vary by industry and target audience, and it also depends on how long the video has been live.

Generally, a few hundred to a thousand views or more in 30 days is a decent achievement for the average business that hasn't yet grown its TikTok presence. From there, tens of thousands of views will make you a micro-influencer in your niche, while hundreds of thousands of views will make you a mid-level influencer. These achievements are great for your brand and your online presence.

The TikTok algorithm shows your video to 300-500 users based on relevance. From there, it shows the video further only based on how those users interact with it. If most users like, share, and watch the video to the end, TikTok will continue showcasing the video.

How Many Views on TikTok Are Good to Make Money?

What if you're in it for the cash? TikTok's Creator Fund and Creativity Program Beta allow users in the U.S. to make extra money from their videos. Both require you to have videos with 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

Keep in mind that most users won't get rich from this option. However, TikTok profiles that reap a high number of views can make several thousand with a single livestream!

How Many Views on TikTok Are Good to Go Viral?

Now for the big question, at least where TikTok marketing is concerned. To go viral, you'll need the majority of those 300-500 users who first watched your video to engage with it. Estimates suggest that 70% of these users must have high engagement for a video to go viral on TikTok.

Most people agree that a video is viral once it has over one million views. A view count of 500,000 is considered semi-viral.

Make the Most of Your TikTok Marketing

Now that you've stopped wondering, "How many views on TikTok are good?" it's time to jump in! This fast-paced platform holds a lot of promise for small businesses, and it's a great place to connect with fans and customers. Whether you want to market your products or wow your audience, the right videos can get a lot of eyes on your content.

If you're hoping to dive into the world of online marketing but don't know where to start, let our team help. At Addison Marketing, we love helping brands get engagement on social media and create relevant content worth sharing. To learn more, get in touch with us today at (610) 327-3663.