Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

The Google Ranking Engine: What You Need to Know to Stand Out

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Google receives about 3.5 billion search queries each day! Getting to the top of the ranking engine is critical to growing your brand and increasing profits. It's a must to capitalize on the latest strategies to gain visibility. 

Getting to the top of a search engine includes adopting a good SEO strategy, creating quality content, and using high-quality backlinks. Following these steps will get you noticed!

Here's more on how to get ahead of Google's ranking engine to give your website prominence! 

Adopt an SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy gains valuable organic traffic to your website. These visitors are from unpaid sources. Often, customers view it as more trusted. 

Search engine optimization uses the top-searched words in blog posts on your website. A ranking engine ranks those words on your website at the top. In turn, those customers click on the link and go to your website!

It would be best if you also researched the keywords of your competition. Are you missing out on specific keywords and phrases? The more you write, the more visible you become! 

Create Quality Content

Well-researched quality content will keep people returning to your site for more information. Quality content establishes you as a trusted source on any given topic. 

Blogs should be well-written and free of grammatical and spelling errors. They should have eye-catching headlines. Blogs should be easy to read for a general audience. 

Good content also increases your domain authority, which is a score that predicts how likely your website is to rank in search engine result pages. The higher your domain authority score, the higher you place in a search engine.

Use High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks come from trusted websites and domains. For example, a health article should cite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics. An article about employment should feature data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Place high-quality backlinks in a blog naturally. Please don't force it or make it awkward. 

As you build your brand, your blog should become a quality backlink for other websites. Visitors to other websites will refer back to your website. High-quality backlinks boost your visibility. 

Increase Page Load Speed 

Visitors to your website should expect a smooth process. You should increase the page load speed so people don't get frustrated and go elsewhere. A faster experience means people will return to your website. 

Things that affect your page load speed include a poor internet connection or a slow website domain host. You could also have too many graphics or videos on your webpage.

Ways to Get Ahead in a Ranking Engine

Getting ahead in a ranking engine includes adopting a good SEO strategy, creating quality content, and using high-quality backlinks. Furthermore, increasing page load speed will help. 

Please schedule an appointment with us today. We can show you how SEO marketing improves organic traffic to your website. Our professional team is up on the latest techniques and strategies to increase visibility and profits!