Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

How to Combine SEO and Social Media for Your Marketing Strategy

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Nearly 70% of experiences online start with a search engine. In fact, search engine optimization (SEO) could drive 300% more traffic to your site than social media. However, uniting your SEO and social media campaigns could help you gain customers through both strategies.

Not sure how to combine social media and SEO as part of a complete digital marketing strategy? Read on for the tips you need for an effective campaign today. 

Align Objectives

Before creating content for your social media and SEO campaigns, establish your goals. For example:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate brand awareness/recognition
  • Gain brand loyalty
  • Gain social media followers
  • Generate engagement
  • Become a thought leader
  • Generate leads and sales

Having the same objectives for your social media and SEO campaigns can help you align the campaigns. 

Gather Research

Research your target audience to create personalized content that matches your audience's search intent. Google displays content that aligns with the user's needs and expectations.

Define your audience based on demographics (age, gender, location) and psychographics (pain points, hobbies, interests). Gather keyword research for each buyer persona. 

Understanding the relationship between SEO and keywords can benefit your social media marketing strategy. In fact, you can start using keywords within your social media campaigns to appear for relevant searches. 

To optimize your social media posts:

  • Optimize profiles with target keywords
  • Include relevant keywords and hashtags in captions
  • Add image alt text
  • Use subtitles on videos
  • Tag your location

About 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands personalize experiences. Personalize your blog and social media content based on your target audience to forge stronger customer relationships.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Portraying a familiar brand will help brand awareness grow into brand recognition. Maintain brand consistency across all social media platforms and posts. Make sure your branding matches what appears on your website. 

Prioritize Quality

Prioritize quality over quantity when creating content for your blog or social media. High-quality content will help you stand out from other brands. It can also help you become a go-to resource for customers.

Add EEAT within your content (experience, expertise, authority, trustworthiness). EEAT can boost your credibility. More people will want to follow you or explore your site for more helpful tips. 

Generate Engagement

Develop a promotional strategy for your blog posts and social media content.

For example, you can share your blog content on forums or through email marketing. Share your social media posts using a plugin on your website. Sharing your content on multiple platforms can help you boost engagement rates. 

Try directing more people to your website through your social media posts. Attracting more traffic can help improve your organic rankings. 

Expand your reach by working with influencers this year. You can gain your own audience through their existing audience as influencers promote your offerings. 

Unite Your SEO and Social Media Campaigns Today

Combining SEO and social media marketing can help you reach new customers. Add these tactics to your digital marketing strategy this year. Then, review the data and watch your reach rise.

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