Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

How Professional Web Design Ties into SEO

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Did you know that around 53.3% of website traffic comes from a person typing something into a search engine? Many of your potential customers will head to the internet when looking for a product or service. You want your business to be one of the first things that pops up when they search for something. 

One of the best ways to ensure you land in the coveted top spot of the search engine results pages is with search engine optimization (SEO). It's one of the top things you should think about when looking into web design for your business. 

We get it—SEO can be intimidating. Don't worry. This guide will discuss how SEO works and the ways it ties in with business website design. 

User-Friendly Website Design

How your website is designed and laid out has a major impact on how your content is presented. You could have wonderfully optimized content on your website, but if it's challenging for your website visitors to read, they'll close the page. 

Some things you should avoid when designing your website include:

  • Huge blocks of content
  • Too many hyperlinks to random pages
  • Small, difficult-to-read font 

You want your website to be able to easily navigate your website and find the information you need. 

Mobile-Friendly Website 

Having a website that's mobile-friendly is important for search engines. Websites that don't work well on mobile devices and tablets are considered to be outdated and behind the curve. The amount of people who search for something on their desktop continues to decline. 

58.43% of website traffic starts on a mobile device. Avoid missing out on more than half of your audience by optimizing your website for phones and tablets. 

Increased Traffic 

As we mentioned earlier, SEO is effective at increasing your website's organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to any website visitor that finds your business outside of paid campaigns. They type a word or phrase into the search bar and it leads them to your company. 

While a website visitor might not make a purchase right away after finding you, they're now aware that your business exists. Being at the top of their minds in the future will increase your conversions. You won't achieve these results without incorporating SEO into your web design. 

Improved Speed

The main factor in technical SEO is your website's speed. A slow website will cause your website visitors to exit your page and head somewhere else. 

Page speed is also something search engines look at when ranking websites. Improving your website speed will also boost your SEO, in addition to making your website visitors happy. 

Partner With an Experienced Web Design Company

Coupling user-friendly and attractive web design with SEO will set your business up for success. Your customers can easily discover your company when searching for what you have to offer. Once they head to your website, they can easily find the information they need from your well-designed site. 

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