Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

What You Need To Know About Googles SEO Updates for 2023

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Worldwide, people make over 40,000 Google searches each second. And most of the time, they get the answer to their query on the first page. Imagine that-- an algorithm that can sift through the immeasurable amount of information on the internet to present you with the best Peking duck restaurant in San Francisco in a matter of seconds.

But, those in "the biz" know that Google's miraculous search combines its complex algorithm and the hard work of SEOs and online content creators striving for first-page organic results. We stay ahead of SEO updates to make sure the correct information-- our information-- reaches the search results of searchers who might benefit from our products and services.

We also know that search engine algorithm updates can cause a rift in how content ranks, damaging businesses by reducing their visibility. This guide will help you navigate upcoming Google SEO updates in 2023.

How Google Ranks Content

Google's search engine optimization (SEO) process uses crawlers to index web pages and an algorithm to produce search results. Once the crawlers index a web page, Google employs the algorithm to sort and rank it. The algorithm looks at ranking factors like:

  • Keywords
  • Link building
  • Publisher authority
  • Content quality
  • Mobile-friendliness

When you input a search, the algorithm considers those factors and ranks them in order of relevancy to your query. Then, it shows them on a search engine results page (SERP).

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming increasingly common among Google users. This shift in how people search leads Google developers to shift how the algorithm works.

As Google search bends to the needs of its consumers, so will your content marketing efforts. This shift means that all websites should be accessible from mobile devices.

Moreover, it would help if you incorporated long-tail keywords into your content since voice search users are more likely to employ natural speech patterns. So, instead of a text search like "Peking duck San Francisco," they might search "Where can I find the best Peking duck in San Francisco?" You should adjust your content to include longer keywords that accommodate these trends.

Image Search

Image search instead of text search is another recent change in people's query habits that will impact your content. However, adapting to these Google SEO updates can be a game changer for businesses reliant on visual content.

To use this change to your advantage, ensure you use high-quality and relevant images throughout your content. And remember to add descriptive file names that incorporate your target keywords to optimize search.

Video Indexing

Google has already implemented video index search features into its algorithm. However, searchers are trending toward wanting more video results in their SERPs. So, relevant video content will become more vital in 2023.

Like your image content, ensure you're videos have relevant markups on the topic and keywords you're ranking for. Also, ensure your video content is mobile-friendly and shareable to help increase your rankings.

Stay On Top of SEO Updates

SEO updates can impact the number of people who see your content and know about your services. When significant changes like those in 2023 roll out, you must adapt and update old content to stay on the first page. The experts at Addison Marketing can help you stay ahead of pesky updates.

Let us improve your business's visibility with our intelligent marketing tactics. Contact us today for a free consultation.