Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Top 3 Biggest Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

These days an online presence is crucial for almost every small business out there. It's one of the most common ways customers find and make purchases from companies. There's so much that goes into creating a successful website and design is a key element to focus on during construction. 

A pleasing design can make it easy for customers to navigate the website and find exactly what they're looking for. It can also draw them in by piquing their interest to learn more about the company. 

Good website design doesn't just happen though. Some of the biggest web design mistakes can completely ruin what you're going for. Read on to find the things you should watch out for and avoid as you build your new website design. 

1. Too Much Going On 

For most people, one of the hardest parts of this process is narrowing everything down to be as concise and cohesive as possible. Between all of the website design ideas out there and all the information you want to share, pages can quickly become too much for visitors to take in. 

Instead, try to break your information up into bite-sized chunks on separate pages. This allows customers to navigate easier and find exactly what they need. 

Then stick to just a few design ideas that work well together for an easy viewing experience. 

2. Making Everything Too Formal

Too many businesses try to be too formal and take themselves too seriously in their website design. This is an opportunity to develop and present your brand identity to the world, so you should take it! 

Everything on your page should represent your company's culture and values. Even the tone of voice you use in your writing can be a great way to show who you are and what you're about. Remember to have fun and make your company more approachable through the website. 

3. Overwhelming Design Choices

Before you start to develop your website design, it's a good idea to sit down and figure out exactly the mood and feelings you're trying to create. This will give you a guide as you make each decision to keep the design from feeling too overwhelming. 

Everything from the colors you choose to the images you display will help tell you're story, so you want to pay attention to every detail. 

Biggest Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

When you can avoid these biggest web design mistakes, you're going to have something you can truly be proud of. Your visitors will know exactly what to expect from your company and feel like they have an inside look into the business. 

An easy way to make sure your site turns out exactly as you'd like is to work with a professional design team. They'll be able to take your ideas and turn them into reality. It's also a good idea to have a professional available to give you opinions and advice on what would work best. 

If you're interested in learning more about how our team can help you with your new website design, schedule a consultation today!