Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

5 Hot Web Design Trends to Be Aware Of

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

There are over 1.9 billion websites on the internet right now. But, how do you make sure your website stands out from the rest of the pack?

Well, knowing what's popular in the world of web design can get you on the right track. Read on for the web design trends you need to be aware of for 2022.

1. Retro Throwbacks

Throwbacks to the early days of web design are becoming more and more popular. Different color schemes, like turquoise backgrounds with purple fonts, are coming back, along with less-typical design elements and graphics.

But, just because you're going old-school doesn't mean everything about early-internet design should be added to your website. Many of those sites are difficult to read and hard to navigate. You'll still want to make sure your website is functional and well-designed.

2. Interactive Design

As our technology has evolved, we've found ways to incorporate more interactive elements into our websites. Scrolling functions are one simple way to encourage this interactivity. You can add scrolling animations with different effects to keep audiences engaged.

You can have the type on your web design move around to catch the eye more easily, for example. Interactive design elements can be particularly useful if you're building a website for an online business since they'll give your customers reason to click through different product pages.

But you won't want to go overboard, either. Interactive elements can be hard on slower computers and older phones. Your business website still needs to be accessible, after all.

3. Color

Bright, bold colors are coming back to the world of web design in a big way. Using gradients as a background can add new options for making your website pop off the screen.

Or, add vibrant contrasting colors to add depth to your homepage. choose saturated colors, and check to ensure your text is still legible.

4. Go Modern

Modern design trends are classic, but this year they'll be taken a little further. You can go hardcore minimalist with text-only, black and white websites for the super-professional business. 

Geometric design elements can add crisp, clear lines without being too bare-bones. Broken grids set websites apart with their deviation from the same old layout.

5. Try Hand-Made

While you can't actually physically handmake design elements for your website, handmade-appearing graphics and fonts are becoming more and more popular.

Non-uniform shapes and fonts that look like handwriting are easy ways to add elements of this design strategy into your website. Adding unusual textures, like backgrounds that seem to be made out of paper, can bring your website design together and make it more cohesive.

Prepare for 2022 With These Web Design Trends

Now that you know about the top web design trends, you'll be able to go into the new year all set to succeed.

Do you need help taking your web design to the next level? Check out some of our services today and see if they're right for you.