Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

4 Things That Drive People Crazy About Your Website

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Did you know that approximately 4.8 billion people around the world have access to and use the internet? As technology becomes more accessible, that number continues to grow every day.

People are used to flashy website gimmicks by now, and most will simply avoid the features they don't like. However, some website features can actually kill sales.

Every business needs a strong digital presence these days to stay afloat. So, how can you improve your presence and avoid driving customers away from your website?

Don't worry—we're here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn four things that are killing your website.

1. Not Mobile Friendly

This one can't be overstated: customers hate websites that aren't mobile-friendly. After all, who wants to be awkwardly zooming in and out just to read a few sentences on a homepage?

Not only is it awkward, but poor mobile formatting can also obscure critical parts of your website. Drop-down menus are a common victim of bad mobile formatting, which then makes it impossible for customers to navigate the site at all.

2. No Substance

Have you ever drifted from a website's homepage to their about page and then to the FAQ section, only to realize you have literally no clue what they even do?

If you want to keep potential customers hooked, you have to be upfront about what you're selling and your brand identity. Unrelated stock footage or photos can further confuse visitors. Using vague language is a turn-off, and many guests will be left wondering what the point of your website even is.

3. Outdated Design

Not everyone is design-savvy, and that's totally fine. However, you must invest in design services if you don't have a flair for website style.

The early 2000s are gone, so any website designs lacking modern features or style elements should be scrapped. Take a look at these examples—notice the difference? They're all link-heavy, flat, colorless, and—well—ugly.

4. Excessive Pop-Ups

Let's face it—incessant pop-ups are annoying. There's no harm in throwing in one or two pop-ups handing out discounts in exchange for a weekly email newsletter. However, keep the pop-ups to a minimum.

Pop-up videos are an extra big no-no. Many website guests get irritated when they're peacefully scrolling, only to be interrupted by a loud video pop-up.

Scrolling pop-ups are another turn-off. They're easy to accidentally click on, and the potential customer can easily be distracted by whatever ad link they've opened by mistake.

Improve Your Website With Easy Fixes

Even if you have the most amazing service or product, customers will brush you aside if your website isn't user-friendly. With the list above, you can avoid any pitfalls and stand out among your competition with a top-notch website instead.

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