Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

5 Design Features Every Successful Website Has

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Did you know that the average website user only spends about 15 seconds on a site before deciding whether to move on? That is a small amount of time that your web design has to make a lasting impression and tempt the user to continue browsing your site.

Would you like to learn about UX design that will help you retain users and attract more business to your site? Here are some of the design features that you need to implement immediately.

1. Contact Information

No business website design is complete without contact information. Your potential customers may want to send you questions or call you, but they cannot do that if the contact information is not easily accessible. Have a dedicated contact page, as well as banners on the top or bottom of your site within easy sight.

2. Easy Navigation

One of the staples of UX web design is being able to navigate the site with ease. Include a top menu or a sidebar that lists your main website pages, as well as a search functionality for users to look for specific information. Users should not have to search for more than a few seconds to find the link or resource they want to visit next.

3. A Blog Page

A blog can be a huge traffic generator for your business, as well as enhance our business website design. For maximum effectiveness, you need to focus your blog posts on search engine optimization, which will make them rank higher in search engine results. Users will engage with your site more by reading blog posts and are more likely to return and check for new content.

4. Customer and User Testimonials

If you have a service-oriented business, then you should definitely include customer reviews and testimonials on your website. New users can scroll through the testimonials to see the specific benefits of your product or service. One of the newest design trends for testimonials is including pictures with the reviews, so viewers have a visual reference.

5. Images and Visual Cues

Business website design is not complete without imagery and colors that are pleasant for viewers to look at. If possible, include real pictures of your team members in your environment, as well as individual biographies. This will help viewers connect more and introduce your team as real people.

You should also come up with a color palette that works for your business. You can use the color palette for all of the visual cues on your site. This will be less of a strain on the eyes and make your site look more streamlined.

Make Your Site Shine With Design Features

You should not have to worry about users thinking your website is amateurish or outdated. With these design features, you can have a user-friendly design that looks professional and inviting at the same time.

Would you like to learn more about designing the best website to meet your company's needs? Contact us today for answers to all of your questions concerning web design.