Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

7 Important SEO Trends to Know in 2021

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Sometimes it seems like change is the only thing you can count on. That’s certainly true in the world of SEO. Every year it’s a new algorithm, new best practices, and new tools to use on your website.

How are you supposed to keep up? Well, you can start with this blog. Below, you can learn about the seven of the biggest SEO trends for 2021. 

Search Intent Is Everything

You can’t just sift through a spreadsheet of keywords, pick one, and start writing. Future SEO trends require you to actually perform the searches for those keywords to see what Google pulls up in the search engine results page (SERP).

This will help you identify search intent, but what does someone want to know when they perform this search? Google displays results that match search intent, and your content must meet the user’s search intent as well. 

Mobile Matters Even More

In 2021, everyone is still addicted to their phones. That means you’ve got to have a website that’s optimized for mobile. Google rewards good websites with good SERP rankings, but it won’t launch your site to the top of the SERP if pages load incorrectly, or if the navigation is unusable on mobile. 

SEO Trends Are Moving Towards Voice Search 

Talking is faster than texting, and people are starting to apply this same thought process to their Google searches. In fact, Google says that 27% of people are using voice search on their mobile device.

So what is SEO for voice search and how will it affect your strategy? When people use voice search, they tend to say exactly what they’re looking for. That means you should be targeting long-tail keywords on specific topics. 

A Fast Website Is a Good Website

Slow websites aren’t just frustrating; they can also knock your business off the first page of the SERP. Google has said they’re implementing SEO updates that emphasize website performance. Here are the best SEO tips for improving website performance:

  • Do a speed test on your website 
  • Consider how certain web design choices may affect the speed of your site
  • Always choose function over form when building your site

UX Has an Impact on SEO

If your customers aren’t able to navigate your website easily, they soon won’t be able to find your website at all. That’s because of Google’s new emphasis on “page experience.” Make sure you’re regularly testing out the website experience yourself and asking customers if they find the website UX friendly. 

Internal Linking Can Help

It’s hard to find partners for backlinking, but internal linking is easy, free, and can be done by one of your own employees. It’s a good thing it’s so easy too because internal linking is critical for search engine optimization. 

It helps structure your site so that one page leads to another, and Google likes when the website makes sense from a structural point of view. Be sure to add internal links any time you post a new blog or article on your site.

Google My Business Is Critical for Local SEO

Do you know the little box to the right of the SERP that pops up when you look for a local restaurant? That’s the Google My Business (GMB) page, and it’s critical for any local business.

The business owner is responsible for making sure the information on their company’s GMB page is accurate. GMB can be a big help in search results, but only if you keep the information up to date.

You’re Ready to Dominate SEO in 2021

Although SEO trends are constantly evolving, this list of tips above should help you stay on top of it for at least the next year. Be sure to stay up to date with this blog page so you are aware if anything does change in the world of web design and SEO.