Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

5 Impressive Video Marketing Statistics for Brands and Influencers

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

When you think of the next hot thing for digital marketing, do you think of video content? If not, these trending video marketing statistics will convince you. Read on to learn why you need video in your marketing strategy today.

1. Demand for Video Is on the Rise

54% of consumers want to see more videos. This is great news for influencers and brands alike. With this increased demand, opportunities for lead generation, engagement, and ad revenue increase.

As attention spans shrink and ad space becomes ever more valuable, video marketing is the next boom for digital marketing. Meeting consumer demands means creating killer content like never before. Paying attention to your current audience can help you meet this demand for video content.

2. Social Media and Videos Go Together (Like, a Lot)

Part of the increased demand for video content comes from the increased use of social media. 33% of all online activity comes from viewing video content. This varies by platform, video length, and actual video contents.

Meeting this demand means paying attention to platform limitations such as video size and length. With certain social media features like Instagram Reels or YouTube's subscription tiers, you have plenty of options. Finding the right channels to meet consumer demand will put your business ahead of the pack.

3. Video Is the Next King of Content Marketing

Increased demand and content availability place video marketing ahead of many other content forms. Aside from consumer hunger for videos, it also generates more engagement and leads. Marketing professionals recognize this, with nearly 90% of them using it as a tool.

The best way to take advantage of this form is to find your videos' right marketing channel. These video marketing statistics note the connection to social media (so take note, there). For the most success, create valuable videos based on your target audience.

4. Video Marketing Generates More Leads

Lead generation is invaluable to any brand. With video marketing, you can expect nearly two thirds more qualified leads per year. Talk about a powerful lead magnet!

The more leads you get, the more opportunities for a better return on investment and ad spend. For brands and influencers on YouTube, that's a valuable statistic. To top it off, the more leads you get, the further your reach and brand awareness, too.

5. Higher Engagement Happens With Video Content

Across social media platforms, video marketing increases user engagement by over 50%. The more engagement your videos get, the more leads you get. This generates higher ROI and ROAS for your brand.

You'll also see long-term loyalty increase as consumers perceive your brand as more credible. Please take advantage of this by creating content that meets them at their pain points.

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