Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Social Media Trends for Business: How to Stay On Top in 2021

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Social media is here to stay. There are about 4 billion active users, and each of them has multiple accounts—so it's safe to say it's not just a trend. 

However, when it comes to social media trends for business, there are some things you should keep in mind to stay competitive. From creating more quality content to using big-name people to promote your items, there are a lot of approaches you can take to keep your social media fresh. 

Read on to learn more about social media trends for 2021 that businesses should be aware of. 

Allow Shopping Directly From Posts

Sure, you can use enticing words and images on your Facebook posts to create buzz about a new product. But while some people may take the time to click on your website and find the product to order, orders looking for more immediacy might abandon it at that point. 

However, Facebook/Instagram and other social media platforms such as Pinterest have now created the ability for visitors to shop the product right from the post. You can also tag your products in the posts.

Add More Video

Sure, pretty pictures are nice to look at. But video has been shown to dramatically increase engagement among social media users. 

To be more specific, Twitter says that posts with video have 10 times more engagement. Instagram, which is a photo-heavy platform, also says video is its most engaging media. TikTok is another popular video-heavy social media platform that you could be tapping into. 

You can create stories to promote your brand, or create promotional videos to add to posts. Keep that in mind when you're creating an Instagram account for your business

Automate Your Social Media Posts 

Trying to stay on top of your social media is a challenge, especially for a smaller business owner. However, there are a number of ways to schedule content to be posted weeks in advance so you don't have to. 

When deciding when to schedule posts for, you can take advantage of analytics on Instagram for example to see when you're getting the most engagement. That will help ensure the most people see and respond to your content. 

Tap Into 'Influencer Marketing' 

This practice of using prominent people (including celebrities) to promote your brands on social media will continue into 2021. Basically, it involves trading money for a model or personality to show off or recommend your products and services.

Brands are set to spend more than $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022 according to an estimate. That's about twice the market value from 2019. It pays to choose influencers that can best understand your niche, and that can align with your brand effectively. Instagram and TikTok are platforms that are popular for influencers. 

Learn Social Media Trends For Business

Knowing the social media trends for business heading into 2021 will help you stay in step with your competition. 

From enhancing your social commerce to using more video and even influencers to promote your brands, you can engage potentially more users. 

If you're ready to step into the new year with a new social media strategy, contact us today!