Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

7 Ways to Use Your Twitter Business Account to Improve Your Traffic

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Handling your social media posts on top of everything else you do for your business is just one more tough project you don't have time for.

Yet harnessing your Twitter business account for good is a great way to boost traffic and increase engagement, which hopefully converts to sales.

Here are 7 tips to make this tough project much easier.

1. Increase Awareness

Your Twitter business page could be the first way that people hear about your business. When you have a social media presence, it helps increase awareness about your business. People will discover that you're out there and learn about your services or products.

2. Show Your Personality

When you make a Twitter account for business, the accounts you follow and the posts you retweet show who you are as a business. They create a web presence and social persona for your business.

If someone else manages your social media, make sure you agree about what's appropriate. They should understand what type of persona you want to curate for your business and seek to align your business's Twitter profile, posts, retweets, and accounts you follow with that vision.

3. Recycle Material

A tweet has a short life, but you can recycle material if you retweet older posts. Retweets remind people of what you posted earlier, giving life to those older posts that might since have been forgotten.

Don't create a feed with all recycled posts, but do bring up the point again with a retweet if it's relevant. Add new material with a comment as you retweet, explaining why it's still important.

4. Join the Conversation With Your Twitter Business Account

See what other businesses like you are doing, and engage in friendly banter with them. If you can create relationships, your followers will get to know you better and see your interactions.

Make sure you again consider what's appropriate in this context. Remember that with a short tweet, much can be misconstrued. If you know the business owner well, have a conversation with them about how you want to manage the Twitter relationship between your businesses.

5. Form Partnerships

As long as you're creating content with other businesses, why not work together to draw customers in for all of you? Forming business partnerships can help each other's followers discover the other, especially when you provide incentives.

6. Add Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your tweet can increase traffic to your Twitter business profile. Even if they don't follow you, they may see your tweet with the right tag.

Just make sure you know what a hashtag is all about before you use it. Don't be like DiGiorno, who tried to use a tweet about domestic violence awareness and failed miserably.

7. Be Timely

Timing is everything, especially with Twitter. There are optimal times to post tweets, meaning they'll get the most exposure. Do your research to find out when people are online and looking, and post your tweets then.

Don't have time to get online at the optimal time? Use a tweet scheduler app to help you harness the power of heavy internet traffic.

Tweeting Like a Pro

Use your Twitter business account like a professional, even if you just joined the social platform recently. Follow the tips above to help you gain leverage in the online community.

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