Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

The NO Cold Calling Strategy: Marketing Alternatives to Gain Prospects

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

It takes an average of eight to twelve phone calls to land prospective clients

That adds up to a lot of wasted time and effort. But what are the alternatives to cold calling?

No cold calling involves exploring the marketing tools of today. Learn more about alternatives you can use to generate leads that don't involve outdated marketing strategies.

Is Cold Calling Dead?

Cold calling is dead. It's still plenty in use by a few companies but is nowhere near as effective as current marketing strategies. Fortunately for you, the alternatives to cold calling are effective and helpful in generating leads.

Warm Calling

Unlike cold calling, warm calling connects with prospective customers on social media or through shared connections. Warm calls connect you with customers already likely interested in your brand.

The rejections are often softer. The leads are more targeted and consistently land sales. And, you'll see a higher return all-around form your efforts.


No cold calling means you need to find other ways to generate leads. One great way to generate leads is to build a network. You can do this online or in-person, through social media, casual interactions, and planned networking events.


Referrals are great marketing tools without cold calling. You can use referrals from customers by posting them on your website or a site like Yelp or NextDoor. You can also pass out business cards at networking events or ask business partners to refer you to their customers, too.

Direct Mail

Another way to avoid cold calling marketing is through direct mail. Customers spend and purchase more from leads generated by direct mail. If you still believe in tried and true traditional marketing methods, this a great alternative.

Digital Marketing

Of the marketing tools without cold calling, digital marketing is easily one of the most popular. It is a fairly comprehensive model of advertising, using all types of content and platforms. Digital marketing includes many subcategories, beyond mere content or interaction.

Email Marketing

A form of digital marketing, email marketing is popular for reaching a wide audience. It generates leads and brand loyalty. Good email marketing prospects on relationships and long-term revenues, not just fast profit.

Social Media

Social media marketing is another form of digital marketing. It uses social media platforms to build networks and brand awareness, naturally generating leads. Social media can be the virtual equivalent of a storefront.

No cold calling strategy provides the personality of social media. You can use it to directly connect with your customers, as well as research your target audience. If you analyze market data, you can generate the most effective leads ever.

No Cold Calling for Future Leads

Now you're aware no cold calling strategy generates leads like its alternatives, you're ready to use new strategies. If you need more information about branding, marketing, and web design, turn to Addison Voice.

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