W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

The Biggest Search Algorithm Changes of 2020

W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

In January 2020, Google unveiled a new core update that it promised would change how SEO is done. The company said the update would take days to spread, and that SERPs would change in the process. And as the search algorithm changed, so did the number of users webmasters saw headed to their websites.

Now, webmasters are rebuilding their SEO strategies to accommodate the latest update. It gave newer websites a chance to find more organic, SEO traffic and strategize against bigger websites. It also helped users find more relevant and useful information with their searches.

Yet, the fundamentals stayed the same. To learn more about the latest search algorithm update and how it may affect your SEO strategy, keep reading below.

The Latest Search Algorithm Update Changed Everything

When Google started rolling out its January update, the SEO community waited and tracked how it would change things. They found that several experienced SEO strategists lost traffic and that several keywords stopped being effective. It was as if some SERPs for keywords was totally reset.

This gave smaller figures in the community a chance to catch up with bigger players. They had a chance to accumulate some authority over topics, which the bigger players already claimed for themselves. It also meant that users would be presented with options as to where they could get their information.

If you're just starting out in SEO, this is the perfect time to make a name for yourself. It's only been a month since the dust started settling after the first 2020 update, and there are still opportunities to generate new SEO traffic. All you need is a strategy that capitalizes on the opportunities that the update created.

Updates Can Change Tracking Stats And Keyword Effectiveness

The latest update changed how some keywords are tracked, making it harder to keep up with what's working and what isn't in an SEO strategy. People are having to relearn how to read their own metrics and how to apply them in an SEO strategy. That's not all that changed, either.

Some keywords have lost their effectiveness in certain topics. Some members of the SEO community believe that Google changed the way some topics are organized together. So, it may be harder for some keywords to link to others, limiting the effectiveness of certain target words.

SEO Traffic Is A Vital Source of Growth

If you want to succeed online, you need an effective SEO strategy. It's important to understand how the search algorithm ranks your website. If it puts it lower than your competitors, you will lose valuable traffic and it will be difficult to grow an audience.

You need an expert that can tailor an SEO strategy that both helps your website rise in the rankings, and informs your audience. You need someone that understands SEO isn't just about keywords, but about informing people and providing them with the information they're looking for.

For that, reach out to us! We'll work to do more than just help your website rise in Google's rankings; we'll make sure your audience is informed and happy!