Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

How to Make the Most out of Your Next Networking Event

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

You’re standing at a network event, drink in hand, frantically searching the room. Your eyes lock on someone, but they look deep in conversation with another person. 

You take a deep breath, check your phone a few times, and keep searching for the right person to talk to. 

Have you been there before? 

Networking events are a great way to make connections in your industry and potentially get new customers. But they can also be intimidating and overwhelming. 

Read our guide below to get the most out of your next networking event (and have fun)!

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

Networking events are all about the conversation. This can be difficult for people who are a bit shy or introverted. It can help to have a plan to insert yourself into conversations and step out of your comfort zone. 

A great place to start is by introducing yourself to the organizer or host. This person can make you feel more comfortable, and will hopefully introduce you to others. 

If you can’t find the host, you can introduce yourself to a group who is already chatting. Ask if you can cut in and try to include yourself in their conversation. If that tactic doesn’t work, wait for a lull and ask someone about their work. 

Position yourself in a comfortable spot to make easier conversation. The bar or anywhere near food is usually a good bet. If the event includes an activity, buy in! Take part and talk to others involved. 

But also knowing to not exhaust yourself at these events can help you get the most out of it. 

Set A Goal Beforehand

How many people are you aiming to talk to? What are you hoping to get out of the event? 

Asking yourself these questions before attending will help you set and meet realistic goals. 

It’s also beneficial to find one series of networking events that you can attend over time. This will help you build genuine contacts with people who you’ll see more than once. The hosts will also start to know your face and can help introduce you to others. 

While it’s important to be outside your comfort zone and talk to others, you also want to make sure you’re being genuine in your conversations. 

Be Authentic And Friendly At Every Network Event

People can tell when you’re not interested in making a true connection. If your eyes are scanning the room while you’re talking to someone, they will notice. 

It’s important to be a good listener and ask thoughtful questions. These events can be large and distracting, so making someone feel seen and heard goes a long way. 

Offering people your business card is a totally acceptable move at a networking event, but doing so after building a genuine rapport is best. 

Networking Is Important For Your Business

While networking can feel tiring, there are many benefits to attending a network event for your success. They can make you more noticeable and helps you get a pulse on others in your industry, so you can remain connected. 

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