Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

The Most Important 2020 Design Trends for Website Builders

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

You aren't wrong to want to have a beautiful website for your customers. When two-thirds of people prefer to browse well-designed sites, you can't afford to use outdated web design techniques.

If you're looking to learn more about the 2020 design trends that are worth paying attention to, look no further. Below are five of the most important trends to watch.

1. Focus on Accessibility

Have you ever wondered what your website looks like for people with disabilities? If you haven't done any accessibility testing, you may have a lot of work ahead of you.

Accessibility isn't something that's just a nice to have anymore. With the recent Domino's lawsuit, websites are going to have to meet the accessibility standards set by the ADA soon.

2. 3D Web Elements

It hasn't always been easy to access the necessary tools to create 3D models. The good news is that the barriers to entry for these tools have gone done in recent years.

Expect to see more 3D web elements used in modern web designs. In a world where it's tough to retain your visitor's attention, having a unique 3D design can give your website the push it needs.

3. Minimal Design

More isn't always better when it comes to design. As more of the internet users in the world becomes mobile, simple designs are coming back in style.

More sites are beginning to incorporate more white space and simple elements. This allows companies to scale the size of their websites, no matter the size of a visitor's device.

Keeping things simple also means less to download for the end-user. Nobody will be left waiting when they first come to your page.

4. Video Headers

Images aren't only there to help your website look good. They can also play a vital role in telling the story of your website.

Doing this isn't always easy, though. You can switch things up by using video content instead of an image.

Expect to see more companies use video for their hero images instead of static images. Doing this will allow you to engage more with your visitors and tell a better story about your company.

5. Micro-Interactions

There wasn't much to the websites of the past. You had a few images and some text. There wasn't much interaction involved in the web browsing process.

Now that technology has improved, creating small interactions on your website is easier than ever. It can be anything from a hover effect when hovering over a link to a gradient appearing when you put your mouse cursor in a text box.

These micro-interactions will help visitors understand what's happening and will make your website feel more alive.

Don't Ignore These 2020 Design Trends

Things are a lot different today on the web than they were 10 years ago. Technology has given us the tools to make unique and creative web experiences for our customers.  Make sure to follow the 2020 design trends above so you can give your website visitors a better experience.

Are you considering updating your website on your own? Before you do, make sure to read our comparison guide to see if you need help from a pro to get the job done.