W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

So Long, Cold Calls! A Guide to Your Networking Essentials in the Digital Age

W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

You can’t overstate the importance of networking in business.

This age-old practice has a profound impact on everything from cultivating business relationships and attracting leads to finding the perfect new-hire. Indeed, a staggering 85% of jobs are now filled via networking alone!

It goes without saying, then, that networking must be a business priority. But, in the digital age we’re in, how do you do it successfully? We want to help.

Keep reading for 5 networking essentials for the digital age.

1. Leverage Online Networking Platforms

In some ways, the digital age makes networking easier than ever before.

We now have the potential to connect instantly with key figures in our industry via the phone in our pockets! Websites like LinkedIn put you one message away from forging a new business relationship.

Social media plays a similar role. Posting content and developing a following helps position you as an authority in your field.

2. Conduct Online Research

Networking is always easier when you already know about the people you’re meeting.

This insight helps you conduct yourself in accordance with their personality and desires. It’s the difference between a cold and warm sales call- you already know what they want to see and hear.

The internet makes researching prospects far easier. People set up entire profiles full of information about themselves! Give yourself a better chance of success by researching people before you get in touch.

3. Be Visible

Of course, it won’t always be you doing the outreach.

Often, other people and businesses will want to contact you instead.

Give yourself the best chance of receiving offers and introductions by being visible online. Ensure you have a presence on all the channels and platforms used in your industry.

People don’t need much persuading to look elsewhere. Being easy to find online will ensure you don’t miss out on networking opportunities.

4. Network in Person

Digital networking doesn’t (and shouldn’t) preclude traditional face to face networking.

Make sure you continue to attend the same conferences, trade-shows, meet-ups, post-work drinks, and other in-person networking events.

The digital world is undeniably important to your networking endeavors. However, sometimes there’s no replacement for shaking someone’s hand and starting up a conversation.

5. Be Strategic

It’s true that some networking opportunities fall on your lap from nowhere.

You bump into somebody in the elevator, meet an influential friend of a friend, and so on.

However, as great as these occasions are, you can’t rely on them happening. Instead, be strategic with your digital networking.

Research the people you want to meet, and figure out where they’ll be and when. Create a schedule of events that ensure you’re in proximity to the key players in your industry. Your chance of building useful B2B relationships increases as a result.

Master These Networking Essentials

Networking has and forever will be, a major component of business success.

These days, however, the digital age is having an effect on how successful networking is done. Hopefully, the 5 networking essentials we’ve highlighted here will facilitate your success in this endeavor.

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