W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

What's Facebook's Portal? Understand the Workplace App's New Tool

W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

At this year's Facebook Flow conference, the company announced that Workplace, the company's office collaboration tool now has three million paying users. 

Facebook also announced some new features to differentiate Workplace from other competitors like Slack. Most notably, the social media powerhouse is adding Portal to Workplace. 

Learn more about Portal and how can this workplace app help your business now.

What Is Facebook Portal?

Portal offers users four different devices to use the app: Portal, Portal Mini, Portal Plus and Portal TV. The last one is a display option that allows you to use your television for display.

Most of the four devices offer similar functions. The primary difference between them is the size of the display. The Portal Mini is just under 8 inches while Portal TV allows you to plug into television monitors of any size.

Portal comes with a myriad of features. Here are a few of the most notable attributes.

Portal's intelligent design includes automatic camera adjustment that follows the subject wherever they go. Users can also make video calls through Facebook, Workplace or WhatsApp. The display is high quality and includes augmented reality (AR) effects.

Another unique feature is the integration with Alexa for intelligent control of meetings. However, perhaps the most important feature for businesses is its high-quality video and audio conferencing.

Video Conferencing on the Workplace App Portal

Most typical video chats on a smartphone or intelligent display require you to sit directly in front of the webcam to have a decent field of view. Often times, the camera focus doesn't work in a busy and dynamic office. Portal offers an AI solution that automatically zooms and pans to make sure the action is in the frame.

How Portal Improves Office Meetings

Workplace is ready to conduct business with enterprise features that improve your ability to collaborate with your team. And now that Portal is being integrated into the app, you'll be able to take advantage of new tools.

For example, let's say your team is meeting in separate locations to collaborate on a social media branding strategy. Portal includes presentation options that make it easy to use with smart boards and whiteboards.

Portal includes a suite of video tools including automatic captioning to aid hearing-impaired users. 

Of course, the app offers simple content sharing, a must for any collaborative tool. You can share photos and digital content so team members can work together no matter where they are.

Portal Is Meant for Business

Facebook Portal for Workplace is an effective combination of tools for more engaging and effective meetings. While many conferencing systems are costly and complicated, this workplace app is streamlined and designed to be simple.

While Portal hasn't gained much traction for consumers, it's on an upward trend in the business world, where it is a perfect fit for collaboration teams.

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