Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Instagram Threads Guide: The New Way of Sending Messages on Instagram

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

When you think of Instagram, you might just think it's pictures of what people ate the night before or where Influencers are spending their time. 

Instagram is a source of photos from people you don't know – after all, there are more than a billion users posting visual tidbits every day (and in some cases, every hour.) But there's more to it than that. Sending messages on Instagram to your friends is becoming a more popular social media trend, thanks to the newest Instagram messaging app called Threads

Here's what you need to know about this newly-introduced Instagram tool...

What is This New Way of Sending Messages on Instagram?

Facebook, the owner of the Instagram messaging app, calls Threads a "camera-first messaging app" that lets you stay in touch during the day with only your closest circle of friends. 

Threads builds on a previous feature from Instagram called Close Friends to narrow down who sees your content. The new stand-alone Instagram app provides notifications as well as an inbox that is dedicated to people within your "close" list. 

How Does it Work?

When you open Threads, it opens your phone's camera so you can take a quick snap to share. Although it's a "camera-first" app, you can personalize the photo with text, much the same way as you can with Instagram stories. 

But while you can actively give updates to your besties throughout the day, there's a passive aspect to the app too. That means if you give permission, your friends can figure out what you're up to based on the type of place you're in (without giving its actual name.)

It can also share how many steps you've taken, and how fast you're moving. So instead of sharing a post of you running around with the caption "really busy today!", your friends will already know. This feature can be turned off if it's feeling a little too invasive. 

You can set your status if you want people to know you're busy and can't immediately respond to their questions about which top to buy. 

Even if your friends haven't installed Threads yet, your messages to them will show up as a direct message in the main Instagram app.

Other Key Features

One of the hyped features of Threads is dark mode, which can help you conserve battery power throughout the day (but your close friends will already know that.) You can also choose the color palette you want to use depending on your personal preference. 

You can set the parameters for each message you share. For example, it might disappear after only one view (sound familiar?), or you can set it to be accessed forever (well, more than once anyway.) 

As of the rollout on Oct. 3, the Instagram messaging app didn't have any fancy filters or stickers, but time will tell if that changes. 

Give It a Try

Threads promises to take private sharing with your most trusted friends to the next level. But like all new apps, the only way to know whether it's right for you as a way to send messages on Instagram is to try it out (assuming you have close friends to share with.) 

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