W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

Perfect Host: 5 Ways to Hold an Unforgettable Corporate Event

W.M. Sims

Head designer for AT° Design Studio.

For a corporate event to be successful, it needs to be buzzworthy.

Your employees should leave wanting to come back to the next one. 54% of companies stated that they’d host more events the following year. With the right information, this number can increase.

You can become the perfect host. Here are 5 ways to hold an unforgettable event.

1. Consider Your Target Audience First

Your target audience should be the first thing you consider when setting up a corporate event. Who do you want to attend, what do you want to accomplish from attendance, and how to budget accordingly? Plan well ahead to ensure you’re creating the right type of event.

You’ll find the rest of the planning will go much smoother if you begin here.

2. Provide Customized Catering

Providing food and drink options will be a major benefit to attendees. Even more so if you make the catering customizable. You can bring in food trucks, offer food and drink bars, or create a build it yourself menu.

Customized catering offers attendees a chance to chat while in line.

3. Make Activities Interactive

The activities you plan can make or break an event. Choose interactive ideas to keep your attendees engaged and excited. Some activities you can include are:

  • Photo Booth
  • Customizable Swag Station
  • Contests
  • Virtual Reality
  • And more

To avoid overusing the same activities, consider changing them for each event. Interactive activities are huge for gaining more millennial attendees. Find out here more ways to market to millennials.

4. Create a Meaningful Objective

A corporate event without a clear objective can lose attendees before it begins. You should determine what the point of the event is, then advertise it. Choose something relevant enough to draw in attendees from the corporate and industry.

A meaningful objective will result in achieving solutions to problems. Be sure to consider your goals before, during, and after the event.

5. Market Your Corporate Event Properly

Marketing your corporate event properly means ensuring that attendees are informed and intrigued enough to attend. You should utilize email marketing along with word of mouth to create a buzz. Depending on your target audience, social media marketing is another option that can target specific audiences from specific locations to get the most out of your investment.

A corporate event can play a role in marketing efforts. 81% of businesses use in-person events in their B2B marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Events

Hosting a corporate event can provide your attendees with a fun way to interact and learn more about the company. Planning an engaging event will improve the company’s rating amongst employees and provide more guests at the next event. When all goes well, you may even see an increase in profit.

Time to Plan

Receiving a high return on investment for your corporate event is crucial. You should see more attendees and hear positive feedback. You can use the information you read here today to hold an unforgettable event.

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