Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

How to Make Money off Social Media and Website Marketing

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

You don't want to make money online, do you? Of course you don't. Shoo! Get out of here!

Now, for the rest of you who are left, listen up: it is far easier than you might think to leverage your online influence via social media to make real, actual dollars.

In fact, online marketing gives you the unique ability to both increase your influence and start turning a flywheel that increases your base of leads and revenue generation for years to come. This is how to make money off social media; it isn't rocket science, but it does require the use of a few basic principles of online marketing.

Sound interesting? Then read on to learn how it works.

What Are You About?

Fact: social media will not market you without you putting in some effort on the front end. Bummer, right? You thought this would be easy!

The good news is, if you're doing what you love and are passionate about, putting out a message that matters, or giving people something that makes their lives better—it's not really that hard either.

Marketing guru Seth Godin says that when you build something really excellent, social media presence comes along with it as a side effect. People talk about things they like and are interested in.

On the flip side, if you begin by trying to build some huge presence on social media without actually having anything of value in the first place, you're just setting yourself up for failure.

That is the difference between a social media influencer and a person with no influence. Wouldn't you rather be the former?

Start with answering some version of, "What are you/your organization/your business about?"

Think about how to develop that if you haven't. Or if you have, which is likely, think about what the story that you need to tell people is to show them how much value you have to offer and what you're all about. 

Where Are You?

The previous section is, in a sense, the hard work that gets you to this part. Hopefully, this is easier. You need to build a really outstanding website, search engine presence, and yes, social media presence.

The good news is that if you have something worth sharing, it is perfectly doable.

A great website works if it has valuable content that the reader feels someone else needs to see. Of course, you can share your site, too—and you will—but you want other people to share your stuff for you.

Social media presence, done right, not only shares the content from your website but also creates additional valuable nuggets of information just for your social media pages. These are then scattered across the web for interested readers to nibble up and share.

It helps to enlist an expert for some of these items, such as building a website, but having a plan in mind is a great first step. You need to know what you want your ultimate social media presence to look like before you can learn the last step of how to make money off social media.

How To Make Money Off Social Media

It may surprise you to learn that this is, in some respects, the easiest part. You read it right: making money can be the easy part!

The reason is quite simple. Once you've developed something valuable, in this case your brand, and then done the hard work to put it out there, all that is required is to go out and capture the many leads that await you.

Those leads, in case you haven't figured it out, are the people reading and engaging with your content. But it isn't enough to just have a like on a post or a retweet.

To move a person from social media engagement to your sales pipeline, you must offer them even greater value than they have gotten from your publicly available free content for a slightly higher price of admission.

The most common information requested, of course, is the person's e-mail address. Build a list of e-mail addresses and you, my friend, can conquer the world.

Whatever information you get, however, is the key to unlocking the door to whatever amount of money that person is willing to trade you for the great products and services you have to offer them. That's all.

Then keep doing all that same stuff, over and over again.

Remember Not To Mess Up!

Just kidding. In fact, one of the great things about online marketing and social media is that it is perfectly okay to figure it out over a period of time, including making a few mistakes here or there. Maybe you already have—almost all businesses have flubbed their online efforts at one time or another.

No matter your past, present, or future mistakes, your brand and organization can build a successful, influential presence on the web that earns back dividends in new customer growth and fresh revenue streams. Patience, however, is key.

This is how to make money off social media – keep at it, do the things that work, and sooner than later you'll start seeing results.

Need advice on where to begin? Reach out to us with your questions, we would love to help!