Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Site for Sore Eyes: 4 of the Hottest Web Design Trends for 2019

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

In "the olden days," businesses were obsessed with finding ways to make their storefronts stand out. After all, the storefront was the first impression they made on most customers. They wanted to be memorable.

That concept is still true in today's world, but swap out "storefront" for "website." 85% of consumers now use the internet to find local businesses. For a large percentage of your future customers, your website is your first chance to make an impression. Is it up to the task?

If not, try incorporating these web design trends to give your site a more modern, memorable look.

Web Design Trends for 2019

We know what you're about to say: "If I follow current trends, won't my site look like everyone else's?" No, it won't, because today's trends are all about finding ways to be unique. Here's a look at the top trends.

1. Flat Web Design

It's easy to look at a dated website and say, "What in the 1990s heck is this?" Have you ever taken the time to analyze what elements make a site look dated, though?

Chances are that bevels are a big part of it. Flat web design throws out everything that tries to mimic dimension. Google's search page is a key example of flat web design and its modern look.

2. Broken Grids

Gone are the days of laying out symmetrical web designs on invisible grids. Today's sites are giving designers more freedom for their artistic vision by embracing asymmetry. 

You can use this trend in a clever way to guide your users' eyes to certain parts of the page, too. Overlapping, angled geometric shapes: it's all fair game.

3. Expressive Typography

All you font geeks out there, rejoice! Typography is finally getting credit as the art form it is.

Today's custom websites are using signature typography as a branding element. With the rise in but brief type, the fonts you choose are front and center as part of your design's overall look.

4. Focus on Images

Speaking of type, notice that we included the word "brief" above. In modern web designs, the copy is persona non grata on home pages.

There's plenty of room to deliver well-written, SEO-friendly content on your subpages. The home page should be one big piece of graphic branding. A short phrase or your business' tag line is fine, but the overall focus should be on the visual branding.

Bringing Your Web Design Into 2019

Now you see what we mean when we say that the latest web design trends are all about being unique. Standardization takes a back seat while artistic creativity is at the forefront.

With an internet that's flooded with websites, many of which share your same subject, you're in a battle to stand out and leave readers with a clear idea of who you are.

To get started today on crafting a web design that sets up your business for success, contact our marketing and web design experts.