Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

You Can Tell Me, I'm a Doctor: 5 Ways to Recover from the Google Medic Update

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

The medic update has many business owners yelling for a Medic! Even some of the top websites saw a decrease in page one visibility.

Even though Google says it was just a routine update it dinged a lot of people. Google released a set of guidelines that were over 150 pages long to try to help people get some of their rankings back. 

Most of us don't have time to read over 150 pages then decipher what we need to do to fix what the google medic update did. That's why we've made a list that is short, sweet and to the point. 

1. E.A.T

E.A.T refers to raising your websites expertise, authority, and trust. You can do that by making sure you have an actual about page with author bios that include the authors' credentials.

If you are selling a product make sure you have client reviews or testimonials. You can also raise your E.A.T by getting press coverage or having one of your author's bylines on other high authority sites. 

2. Search Intent 

This is as basic as it sounds, you want to make sure the content that is on your site is what the people searching are actually looking for. 

To do this you want to make sure the page that you are funneling to actually answers the question that your searchers have.

3. Content Theory 

There is no secret that content should be a cornerstone of your website. There is a clear distinction in the length of content and your ranking.

When you have long-form quality content Google is more likely to think that you have authority over a site that has shorter content. Even if that shorter content is also well written. 

Even with this, you need to make sure that your content uses SEO or you'll be missing out on some helpful metrics. 

4. Pick a Focus

Google doesn't like if your site doesn't seem to have a theme if it crawls your site it wants to be able to easily see what your services are. If your content is all over the place it doesn't look like you are an authority on anything. 

Before, all that mattered is that you had fresh content on consistent bases. Because of that, you may have some non-relevant content on your site. If this is the case you are going to want to remover that old content or de-index it.  

5. Technical SEO

Technical SEO has a lot to do with the... wait for it... tech side of things. You want to make sure that your site loads quickly both the desktop and mobile versions. After all, 39 percent of web users will leave a page if it takes too long to load. 

A couple of other things to double check are that you don't have any broken links and that you are interlinking your pages.

By interlinking, you are showing Google that you have a clear hierarchy of information, it really likes that.

Life After the Google Medic Update

While it might have been a kick in the gut, the Google medic update doesn't need to keep you down for the count.

By using the tips we gave you, you can start to regain some of your lost traction. If you think you need a little more help than these 5 simple tips, schedule a consultation. We'd love to help.