Sara Smith

Client Services Coordinator

How SEO Impacts Your Websites Search Rankings

Sara Smith

Client Services Coordinator

The old trope is that 'content is king.' If it's true, then SEO is the crown and a content-king without a crown is just another set of content claiming it's the ruler.  
You can write all the solid copy you'd like, but if you're not incorporating SEO into your content then you're losing out on valuable ranking metrics that are used by search engines across the board. For example, when people search for content online, they are performing searches based on keywords. So if they search, 'online marketing tools,' and you're a website that has great content about online marketing tools but you haven't used the term 'online marketing tools' in your content, then your website will be absent from any of the search results that come up. 

Quality Content Surrounding Keywords is Vital

The best step you can take to ensuring that your SEO is up to speed is writing quality content and strategically placing your keywords into it. That means your keywords should be written naturally, should appear in at least one header, and should be surrounded by content that is relevant to the keyword you are using. 

Alt-Tag as a Content Crown

Having pictures relevant to your content can increase your SEO rankings, of course, but if you're not providing a relevant alt-tag in your images, then you're losing quality assurance from the beginning. That's because search engines explore the images you are using, and the first thing the algorithms look at is the alt-tag describing what the picture is about. 

SEO for Better Search Results

In summary, when you're building your website's content (its king), don't forget to crown it with valuable SEO and ensure that your website has a better search ranking in the future.
If you have any further questions regarding SEO and its importance for your website's rankings, please contact us today and we'll be happy to discuss!