Sara Smith

Client Services Coordinator

5 Common Mistakes When Looking for an SEO Company

Sara Smith

Client Services Coordinator

Many small companies reach a point where they decide to hire an SEO agency to market their business online. It's important to understand some of the mechanics behind SEO consulting work. Hiring a good SEO company is a critical, the choice you make is going to have a huge impact on whether you get great results. For those that aren't well aware of what online marketing entails, you may be making these 5 common mistakes when choosing an SEO company.

1. Trusting 'Best SEO Sites'

Many users simply search for “top SEO companies” or “best SEO sites,” “best SEO consultants in my area.” The first few results are sites such as, “10 Best SEO Agencies” or “Top 50 SEO Companies”. There are quite a few of these types of sites that are actually aggregators. Ultimately, their goal is to try to rank for these types of search terms then sell spots on their page to SEO companies. There are few sites that provide genuine results, but beware of the ones charging these SEO companies to rank on their high ranking page to make users believe they are the best. 

2. Using Google as a Filter

This could be one of the easiest mistakes you could be making. The logic behind this is thinking, “A good SEO company should be ranking on the first page of Google, especially within the first few links.” However, this is often not the case at all. Most times, SEO companies that are in high demand don't need to rank in the first few results of Google. They are spending their time on their clients instead of optimizing their own sites.  These companies are staying busy with their clients that don't spend work optimizing their own website to obtain new clients. Most of their clients will refer them to people and people from within their network, they have high retention of clients, and highly satisfied customers. 

3. Secret Methods

In your search to finding the right SEO company, you're likely to hear about the “method” that the company uses to get you on the first page of Google every time. But you'll also find that some of these SEO companies won't actually say what their 'method' is. Having a method is important, but SEO is an open field and is well understood, no one has a secret process. Any company that cannot tell you their process should be throwing a big red flag. They may be using outdated or spammy techniques that can eventually have Google penalizing your site. 

4. Promises of Quick Results

The promise of ranking on the first page of Google Ranking doesn't happen overnight. It can take anywhere from 8-12 months of consistent marketing to rank higher in Google search results. Even then, Google personalizes search results based on the user's location, browsing history, and other determining factors. Trusting a company that can 'guarantee' quick results is a mistake that most companies make when searching for an SEO agency that can result in getting your site penalized by Google. 

5. Basing Your Choice on Lowest Price

Choosing an SEO company based on who can offer the lowest price may be one of the mistakes you're making.  An issue with choosing a cheap SEO package is their plans are generic, low quality, and low effort which can cause more damage than benefit your SEO efforts. You want to make sure the company you choose creates a plan that suits the needs of your company, a generic SEO package can defeat that purpose.
When SEO is important to your business, choosing the right SEO company is crucial. Follow this guideline to help determine the best method for your company. Also check out our other Online Marketing Tips:

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