Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

5 Steps of an Online Marketing Strategy

Brad Hurlock

Web Design & Marketing Sales for Addison Technologies.

Building an online marketing strategy is important for any business that wants to be found online. It is doubtful that there are many businesses in existence today that would deny the use of the internet. The important thing to remember when incorporating a digital marketing strategy is that each part of the strategy is necessary for it to work as a whole. When one part is neglected, the entire marketing campaign will begin to suffer.

1. Website

Any good digital marketing strategy needs to start with a solid foundation and build its way up. In this scenario the foundation is a website. The company website is usually the first impression your business will make on someone when searching online.
The website should display the company's history, portfolio, and information on how to contact or find them. More importantly, though, the website should serve as a way to bring in new clients or customers. Meaning that a website that does not provide some sort of mental stimulation or is not user friendly will probably cause users to click away from the page.
To clarify, a user friendly website is simply one that is easy to navigate, loads promptly, and works across multiple platforms and devices. And mental stimulation on a website is simply providing information to further educate your customers on a product you offer or your prospective clients on what it is that your business does and why they need you. Many websites also set up a blog and discuss niche interests that will bring back regular visitors and generate new visitors into hopefully becoming new clients.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your website is not attracting visitors, then you are not generating new business leads. If your website is not set up to be found by search engines, then having a website will actually do you little to no good.
Search engine optimization is constantly changing to keep up with the demands that search engines like Google demand of websites. As of now the basics of SEO are good, original website content that incorporates relevant keyword phrases; using unique title tags and meta descriptions on each page; building high quality backlinks (not all websites are created equal); and setting up business information correctly and uniformly across the site and any outside platforms.  

Local Businesses and SEO

The good news for local businesses is that they have an advantage to being seen in their local area. This mainly entails listing their business name, address, and local phone number on their website as well as on a corresponding Google+ page. This will cause Google to list the business, along with other similar local businesses, in the local search section at the top of search results.
Your business will appear in the designated location and the designated categories when people do a local search for your services. As you receive new reviews (25 being the goal) from customers, you will move up or down positions (A, B, C, etc) depending on your popularity. 

Other Businesses and SEO

Businesses that provide their services to a certain radius or even nationwide have a somewhat different experience getting their website seen. This involves setting up content around specific keywords related to their business that prospective clients use to search.
Since these businesses will have a harder time being listed in Google's Local setup they must rely on being seen in the regular search ranking positions. Page number one is usually the goal for most websites as the majority of those doing the search will not look past this page. This means building content that relates to the business but incorporates high traffic search keywords in their field. 

All Businesses and SEO

The better reputation a website has the better it will do in search engine rankings. This means building new, original content, getting reviews, and building high quality backlinks. 

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing incorporates most of what was listed above except that at this step you either start paying for ads, or you do not. The ads listed when you do a search in Google or Bing are a part of businesses' SEM strategies. This helps their business stay on the front page of Google; however, it does not buy them organic ranking positions, and for all of those using adblocker or simply prone to ignoring ads, this type of marketing does not help your business.
Creating an ad plus ranking at the top of search rankings organically will double the chances that your website will be clicked. The chances of an ad specifically being clicked depends on the search volume of the keyword, the competition of the keyword, and the bid amount placed for the keyword. 
Since with SEM you are paying for a prospective to click on your website, it is important to create a high crafted landing page that will hopefully keep the person on your website and get them more interested in your business. 

4. Social Media Marketing

A business not found on social media is a pretty foolish one. With so many platforms to choose from, there is no reason to not be listed on at least one. It is not a requirement or even a suggestion to use all social media sites, but it is a good idea to find at least one that fits your needs and those of your customers.
The main point that all businesses should know about using social media is to be social. That's the whole point. Engage with your customers and do not just fire off company news or try to sell product after product. Share pictures and videos, ask and answer questions, and even share interesting points that happen throughout the day from time to time.

5. Content Marketing

At the top of your marketing strategy and always at the forefront of your mind should be creating content. New and original content is the glue that holds all of these steps together. It makes your website more relevant to search engines; it is a way to speak on local points and niche area points to improve keyword focused searches; it brings back returning customers and creates new ones; and it gives you something regular to add to your social media profiles.
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